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november is a beautiful spring month

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Nothing is impossible

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Prepare to destroy your own business or someone else will

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Tomi Nyman

Advisor to companies in the bioeconomy, circular economy and renewable energy sectors.

My target is to reduce emissions globally during my career by 1 Gt. I was born in 1975 and expect my career to continue until ~2050, thus I still have some time to achieve my target. I promote systemic changes that can help achieve this target, by one way or another. My background is in chemistry and business development, having worked since 2001 in the sales, management, strategy and business development positions in companies such as Pöyry/AFRY, Neste, IMCD and VTT. More about the target and the tools at my blog: https://1gt-target.blogspot.com

firstname.lastname (at) november.fi

+358 44 24 15 990